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Special Force Military T-Shirt Green Berets USArmy

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Very soft T-Shirt with Special Force front print

100% Cotton

Double stitching on collar, sleeves and waist

Normal fit

High quality print

Officially licensed product, provided with a tag certifying its originality, some licenses provide for the application of the hologram as further certification

The United States Army Special Forces (also known by the nickname of "Green Berets", due to the characteristic Basque derived from a contribution of a young officer, Edson Raff) are special forces of the United States Army trained for unconventional warfare. and special operations. They were founded by Aaron Bank. Their official motto is De Oppresso Liber, an untranslatable phrase in pseudo-Latin, which is understood as "To Liberate the Oppressed", with reference to one of their main tasks: to train and assist the local forces of a foreign allied country. of the United States. The units of the Special Forces have six specific main tasks: unconventional warfare, contributing to the internal defense of foreign countries, special reconnaissance, direct action, fighting terrorism and hostage release. Other duties include: search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, minefield clearing, psychological warfare and drug trafficking operations