Pre-order Info



  • The manufacturers announce well in advance the release of new products such as Action figures, Statue Replicas and much more and the pre-order list is then created in order to understand the actual demand for that particular product.
  • In this way the customer can be sure of receiving the ordered item once it is out and without the worry that it will go Sold Out or that its price will increase over time.


  • The items in pre-order (indicated in the title of the product and by the related purchase banner) can be booked by choosing to pay a deposit equal to 30% of the cost of the item or by paying the full amount (see drop-down menu "Purchase Option" on the product page)
    • It is not possible to cancel a pre-order once the payment has been made, in case of cancellation the deposit paid will be retained by Bottega del Dido to pay the item ordered to the supplier.
    • In case you choose to pay the 30% deposit, the remaining balance must be paid once the item is available at the supplier warehouse.
    • For pre-ordered items, the presumed arrival times are indicated in the advertisement and are communicated directly by the importers / suppliers, the arrival dates may vary.

    La Bottega Del Dido is not responsible for any delays due to the manufacturer.

    • For amounts over € 200 you can evaluate an installment plan together, contact me without problems and we will certainly find the best solution.