Who I am

La Bottega del Dido was born from the passion for collecting patches, military pins, action figures and gadgets.

From this passion I decided to make it into a business by creating this e-commerce site and its shop that you can find on ebay.

When you buy an object from the Bottega del Dido you do not buy a simple patch, brooch or key ring but you buy a piece of history and tradition that the object itself represents.

The patches and military pins that you will find are of real military corps and departments, no copies but only original items from official suppliers.

In the official products section you will find many original and particular objects from various Italian departments dictated and built on precise guidelines of the Ministry of Defense with anti-counterfeiting hologram with high construction and quality details; Air Force, Frecce tricolori, Navy, Italian Army and Carabinieri, all bodies that have made the history of our country.

Also in the Bottega del Dido you can find a vast assortment of action figures, statues, busts, replicas and gadgets from the world of cinema, manga, cartoons, video games, films and music. You will find the best brands and the most exclusive products on the market, every day you will find new items ready for delivery and pre-order. In addition there is a wide range of Funko Pops where you will surely find your favorite character.

With this shop I want to bring the quality and seriousness of a service to enthusiasts, collectors or simply people who want to stand out with unique and particular objects.

Thank you and welcome to the Bottega del Dido.