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Marvel Silver Surfer Simone Bianchi Limited Edition lithograph 500 signed copies


Produced by the COSMIC GROUP, the lithography printed on tintoretto paper measures 43 x 25.5 cm

The lithograph is in a limited edition of only 500 pieces, all signed and numbered by the author Simone Bianchi!

Cosmic Art is a new division of the Cosmic Group whose mission is to best present works created by the major artists of pop culture and geeks. Let's start with this series of Lithographs by Simone Bianchi, the very famous Lucchese cartoonist who has been collaborating successfully with major comic book publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics for years. This lithograph is printed on prestigious Tintoretto paper in only 500 numbered copies signed by the author. Measures 43 x 25.5 cm

The photo frame is an example of a painting, only the lithograph is on sale in the listing

Are you a true comic book fan? Your collection cannot miss this portrait of one of the most complex Marvel heroes, interpreted in an original and personal way by the pencil of Simone Bianchi.

Represented on his "axis", the silver surfboard that allows him to fly at very high speed and travel in time, Silver Surfer is almost invulnerable thanks to the powers conferred by Galactus, the very powerful devourer of worlds, who appears behind him in the 'work and to which the silver hero will rebel by allying himself with the Fantastic 4.

Buy this screen print now to complete your collection with a piece of undoubted artistic value that traces an essential part of the history of Marvel comics.