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Flea brooch in enamelled metal Traffic Police



These items are produced by very specific production rules dictated by the Ministry of the Interior

Brooch in enameled metal

Measure 1.5 cm

The traffic police, also known as Polstrada or Stradale, is a specialty of the Italian State Police with the task of carrying out mainly activities regarding traffic

The first "road" police departments in Italy appeared in 1926 by decision of the Province of Verona, the first to establish a police service on its road network. The agents, armed with a musket, walked the streets of the province in patrol operations. Subsequently it was the turn of the Province of Brescia, which entrusted the traffic police operations to the Voluntary Militia for National Security (MVSN), and, in May of the same year, of the Province of Milan, which organized two traffic police teams that were divided control of the road network to the north and south of the capital

In 1928 the "Militia of the Road" was born, as a specialty of the MVSN, and after four years, in 1932, the organization of the body was established whose name was changed to "National Road Militia". The plates of the vehicles used by the service reported the number on the first line, followed by the initials "MdS", placed on the lower one; the motorcycles also had a front plate, arranged longitudinally on the mudguard, as was already the case in the Royal Army and in the Royal Navy