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US Army Ranger enameled metal pin


Brooch in enameled metal

It measures a diameter of 2.5 cm

The Rangers are a special light infantry unit of the US Army Special Operations Command - United States Army Special Operations Command - headquartered in Fort Benning, Geccia. The Regiment is made up of a command, a support battalion for special troops and three other operational battalions, whose expertise enables soldiers to withstand the most difficult operations. The operations for which they are called are various and sometimes in completely different fields from each other. They are trained to carry out direct raids, raids, infiltrations and exfiltrations by air, sea or land; seizure of things and people on land, the recovery of personnel of significant importance and special equipment and support for forces of general use. The peculiarity of the Rangers is the fact that all the battalions, from the moment of the call, are able to be transported from one point of the world to their destination in less than 18 hours. The motto of the regiment is "Rangers Lead the Way", and it is customary for the members of the department to greet each other in this way, even in writing, in formal communications.