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Preorder Terence Hill Trinity Statue 1/6 Old & Rare Western

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Produced by INFINITE STATUE the statue is in resin and measures 32 cm

Infinite Statue and Collectible brings together the super couple Bud & Terence of the Italian Western with this beautiful statue: Terence Hill 1/6 Resin Statue. The sculpture is made in the smallest details, color accuracy and extraordinary resemblance to the popular good cowboy of Italian cinema. 1/6 scale Terence Hill rests on a sculpted base and comes in a limited edition.

Mario Girotti, aka Terence Hill is the good cowboy, who together with the adventurer, the aspiring gunslinger, the pilot, the cheater, the super-powered policeman and the part-time investigator priest, has populated the scenes of many funny films and memorable.

Paired with Bud Spencer, Terence Hill is the perfect partner of the very successful duo that made the Italian Western success. The films of the indomitable couple, light-hearted anti-heroes often quick-tempered and chasing trouble, have achieved record takings, and still today entertain the public with their humor, gags, fist fights and unforgettable soundtracks.

Terence Hill is certainly one of the actors of Italian genre cinema who has been able to win the sympathy and support of fans and enthusiasts who have always followed him, whether on horseback or on a bicycle in the alleys of Gubbio.

The couple is finally reunited! After the enormous success of the 1/6 statue of Bud Spencer, which has now become a must for collectors, here is the most awaited ever, that of his companion of many adventures. A Terence Hill like you've never seen him before and that will complete your collection of the most loved duo of Italian and international cinema! Dirty, light-hearted and likeable, the fastest gunslinger in the west has arrived.