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Pre-order Phantom Deluxe Statue 1/10

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Produced by IRON STUDIOS the statue is in polystone and measures 25 cm


- License: The Phantom

- Scale: 1/10

- Limited edition

- Made in polystone

- Hand painted

On a hill in the depths of the fictional jungle of Bangalla in equatorial Africa, the imposing, centuries-old purple figure sharpens his senses with the tambourine of the Bandar pygmies, his allies. Alongside his loyal wolf companion named Devil, the relentless fighter of pirates Singh and all the bad guys watches, and prepares with his two .45 ACP caliber pistols in hand. A light is reflected on the metal buckle of his leather belt, in the shape of a skull, his hallmark. Iron Studios proudly presents one of the greatest classic heroes of comics in his statue "The Phantom Deluxe - Art Scale 1/10 - The Phantom", the first fictional hero in disguise and uniform, in a leotard that has become a trademark of super heroes in comics!

The Phantom was created by screenwriter Lee Falk and artist Ray Moore in 1936 in newspaper comics. His saga begins in 1536, when pirates kill the father of the British sailor Christopher Walker. After swearing to the skull of his father's killer that he would fight evil, Christopher began the legacy of the Phantom that would pass from father to son. He has earned nicknames like "The Walking Ghost" and "The Man Who Never Dies", as few know his story, and his legend stems from the fact that most believe it to be the same man who emerged in the 1500s. The character mainly acts on his territory in the jungles of a fictional African country called Bangalla. The Phantom has no superpowers and having been trained as a child to accept the legacy of his ancestors, he uses his strength, intelligence and renowned immortality to defeat his enemies. The best known of his dynasty is the 21st Ghost, married to Diana Palmer with whom he had two children, Kit and Heloise. He has the help of a Bandar healer named Guran, his best friend who has saved his life several times.