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Patch 4 ° Group Helicopters Navy Velcro

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These items are produced by very specific production canons dictated by the Ministry of Defense

Male / female velcro back patch

Measures 8.5 x 10 cm

The 4th GRUPELICOT carries out tasks of preparation and maintenance of the aircraft embarked on the base units in Taranto. The establishment of the new department for the maintenance of the on-board helicopters was necessary to avoid long and expensive transfers of the AB 204 to the nearest base in Catania Fontanarossa, about 500 kilometers away. On October 28, 1978 for the first time a helicopter of the 4th Group is used in a real rescue mission. In addition to assisting the helicopters of the II Naval Division of Taranto, the group carries out training missions in favor of other entities or departments of the Navy, in particular MARICENTADD, the training center of the Taranto Navy where the crews of the Navy are trained.

The department received the Combat Flag on November 18, 1989.

The flight line of the 4th GRUPELICOT is made up of AB 212 ASuW / ASW helicopters for anti-ship and anti-submarine combat and AB 212 NLA and SH-3D Sea King helicopters for the Amphibious Fighting Unit established in May 1994 to cooperate with the "San Marco Regiment. "with the helicopters that have received appropriate modifications for this task. The helicopters in the "heli-assault" version for support to amphibious forces and special forces, are devoid of radar, sonar and FLIR sensors and are equipped with two 12.7 mm machine guns, two MG 42/59 pivoting machine guns rocket launchers and integrated system of passive (SIAP) and active self-protection, with anti-missile sensors and automatic launch system of false radar (chaffs) and IR (flares) targets for survival in hostile territory.