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Box Celebration Set Comic One Piece number 100 Limited Edition

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Produced by STAR COMICS, the Set measures 25 x 27 x 5 cm

Limited Edition

To celebrate the highly anticipated triple digit of the number 100, the publisher of the star has created this fantastic special box designed by designer Fabrizio Verrocchi. The box, in limited edition, will be enriched externally by a gold foil print and a doubloon in relief on the lid.

Inside the box, in addition to volume number 100 in the special Celebration Edition equipped with transparent PVC dust jacket, there will also be space to insert the celebratory editions of volumes 98 and 99 (not included in the box).

The volume will be accompanied by a very special "parchment": an exclusive and very long color poster to unroll that depicts all, absolutely everyone, the most important characters in history, sealed by an original ONE PIECE and Star Comics personalized fabric bracelet.

Finally, inside the box there will be a message from the master Eiichiro Oda to thank and pay homage to his millions of readers.

The road to the greatest treasure in the world is still long and the title of King of the Pirates is still to be conquered, but with this publication the craziest crew ever will reach a historic milestone that we have decided to celebrate with our readers through this special. box.


ONE PIECE 100 Celebration Edition

Golden effects in relief on the box

Message from the master Eiichiro Oda to the readers


ONE PIECE personalized fabric bracelet

Space dedicated to the volumes of ONE PIECE 98 and 99 Celebration Edition (not included in the box)