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Marvel Deadpool T-Shirt


Super soft T-Shirt with Deadpool front print

100% Cotton

Double stitching on collar, sleeves and waist

Slim fit

High quality print

Officially licensed product, provided with a tag certifying its originality, some licenses provide for the application of the hologram as further certification

Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Winston Wilson, is a fictional comic book character created by Fabian Nicieza (text) and Rob Liefeld (art), published in the United States of America by Marvel Comics and debuted in the comic series New Mutants n . 98 (February 1991). Because of his unstoppable gab he is nicknamed "the Mercenary Chatty".

He is a hero-anti-hero known for his humor, made up of double entenders and references to popular films, television series, songs and images. Couch-addicted enough to describe his right hand as "My CINEMAX Hand", he particularly appreciates sitcoms: his idol is Bea Arthur from the Ageless Hearts series, he believes the Olsen twins are at the center of a worldwide conspiracy and, according to Siryn "cried when Manimal was suspended."