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Seabees US Navy enameled metal brooch


Brooch in enameled metal

It measures a diameter of 2.5 cm

The Seabees are the military engineers of the United States Navy. The soldiers of these units are framed in construction battalions and are involved in building and maintaining the infrastructural works of the navy in times of peace and war. The name Seabee which literally means bee of the sea (with the combination of the industriousness of its members) is actually the pronunciation of the acronym CB, the initials of Construction Battalion. The wards were founded on March 5, 1942. Their motto, in Latin, is Construimus, Batuimus ("We build, we fight" (the unofficial one is "We can do it!"). The Seabees fought in World War II, framing up to 325,000 men; in the Pacific Theater they built 111 airfields and 441 piers, fuel tanks totaling 100 million gallons, housing for 1.5 million men and hospital beds for 70,000 patients. They were also used in the Korean War .