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B-17 Flying Fortress US Air Force airplane enamel metal pin


Brooch in enameled metal

Measures 4 x 3 cm

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (also known as the Flying Fortress) was a four-engine aircraft of the heavy bomber class. The B-17 was mainly used by the Army Air Forces in strategic bombing campaigns against German industrial, civil and military targets. The 8th Air Force based in England and the 15th Air Force based in Italy joined the RAF Bomber Command in Operation Pointblank, to ensure air superiority over cities, factories and fields. of battle in Western Europe. This operation was a preparation for the Normandy landings [4]. The B-17s also participated in operations in the Pacific theater of World War II, where they conducted raids on Japanese ships and airbases. The B-17 is considered the first aircraft to be produced in large quantities, and to subsequently evolve into numerous variants