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Iron-on patch Aprilia Moto


Patch with thermo-adhesive back

Measures 10 x 4 cm

Unofficial article


  • The patch can be sewn (recommended) or heat-applied with a hot iron following these directions:
  • heat the part where to apply the patch
  • place the patch and cover it with a damp cloth
  • bring the iron to a high temperature
  • iron by applying pressure for about 15-20 seconds with the iron

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company founded in 1945 in Noale, since December 2004 it has been part of the Piaggio Group. Aprilia is one of the most successful manufacturers of all time, as it holds 54 world titles won in various championships by various riders. Aprilia was founded immediately after the end of the Second World War by Cavalier Alberto Beggio, as a manufacturer of bicycles, in Noale in the province of Venice; its headquarters are still located in Noale today, but from 1996 production was moved to the new Aprilia plant in the nearby town of Scorzè. In 2006 Aprilia began designing, developing and producing the engines that equip the series motorcycles on its own, interrupting the long relationship of collaboration with Rotax; from that moment on, all the motorcycles produced are therefore powered by 100% Italian engines of Piaggio technology. Today at the head of the company, as president and CEO, is Roberto Colaninno