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Police National Raid Rubber Patch

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Male velcro back patch Measures a diameter of 7.5 cm

The RAID is an elite unit of the French National Police. The name is chosen in reference to the word "raid", which designates a military assault, but has received the meaning of Recherche, assistance, intervention, dissuasion (from the French: Search, assistance, intervention, dissuasion).

Founded in 1985, the unit is involved throughout the country in the fight against all forms of crime, banditry, terrorism and hostage-taking.

Placed under the direct authority of the direction générale de la Police nationale, the RAID is called upon to intervene on the occasion of serious events, which require the use of specific techniques and means to neutralize dangerous individuals, through negotiation or intervention.

Its role is in particular to act in crisis situations, such as hostage-taking or the arrest of high-risk criminals, but also to contribute to the fight against terrorism by providing support to specialized services.