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Patch US Army Desert Storm Amphibious Departments


Patch with thermo-adhesive back

Measures 7 x 9 cm


  • The patch can be sewn (recommended) or heat-applied with a hot iron following these directions:
  • heat the part where to apply the patch
  • place the patch and cover it with a damp cloth
  • bring the iron to a high temperature
  • iron by applying pressure for about 15-20 seconds with the iron

The marine infantry is the name by which the amphibious departments of the world military navies are known, it is also indicated with the English-speaking term "Marine" and in Italy with the improper term "Marò". These departments are very similar to those in service in the armies with the difference of having a particular ability in amphibious and coastal combat, in amphibious landing and in asymmetric warfare. Missions assigned to this type of military unit include security service aboard a warship, including military police functions to avoid the risk of mutiny, as well as ground security at naval installations. The Marine Infantry is also used for close combat, in boarding and amphibious landings. They also offer support to raiders for ground operations. These corps are also used in military land operations alongside the ground forces.