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101st Airborne Division US Army Enamel Metal Brooch


Brooch in enameled metal

Measures 2 x 2.5 cm

The 101st Airborne Division (101st Airborne Division), also known as the Screaming Eagle, is a US Army paratrooper assault unit. During the Second World War it was employed as airborne troops in the European theater of operations, participating in particular in the Battle of Normandy, Operation Market-Garden and the siege of Bastogne. During the Vietnam War the 101st was transformed into an aircraft division and then into an air assault division but for historical reasons it still retains the nickname of airborne. He then participated in the first and second Gulf War and in war theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where he still operates today. It currently holds its headquarters in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It is one of the most prestigious and decorated units of the US Army, and the only division with two aviation brigades. Their symbol is also the ace of cards, each suit represented one of the 4 regiments.