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Transformers Autobot Optimus Prime Rubber Patch


Rubberized patch with male velcro back

Measures 8 x 5 cm

The Transformers are robots, protagonists of a saga of cartoons, comics, films, toy and video game lines: "sentient" machines (like living beings) capable of changing their appearance in a way that is unique to each of them. They can go unnoticed on Earth thanks to their appearance of vehicles such as cars, trucks, planes and even trains and ships (although in some series they are able to take on the appearance of animals), transforming themselves into anthropomorphic robots if necessary (obviously well larger than humans, angular and colorful hint at their dual nature; however details such as wheels, lights, ailerons and doors in the robotic form remain more visible in the latest series than in the first, where many vehicle components magically disappeared with the transformation) . The Autobots represent the good as well as enemies of the Decepticons (in Italy Distructor), and they originate from the planet Cybertron.