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Keychain in enamelled metal Brigade Bersaglieri Garibaldi



These items are produced by very specific production canons dictated by the Ministry of Defense

Key ring in enameled metal

The key ring is 10 cm long

the pendant measures 3 x 3.5 cm

The Garibaldi Bersaglieri Brigade is a large unit of the Italian Army.

In recent years it has been involved in numerous multinational operations in support of international peace and security, under the aegis of NATO and the UN.

It was established in Pordenone in 1975 as a mechanized infantry unit with the name of 8th Mechanized Brigade "Garibaldi" and framed in the "Ariete" Armored Division of the V Corps of Vittorio Veneto.

With the name of "Garibaldi" we wanted to underline the ancient bond between the Bersaglieri and the Hero of the Two Worlds, a bond dating back to 1849 when Luciano Manara joined his Bersaglieri Lombardi Battalion "to the" Garibaldi Volunteer Corps ". to the defense of the Roman Republic, fighting at Villa Corsini and then losing his life at Villa Spada.The bond would then be consolidated with the "Bersaglieri Mantovani" formation, which included the Garibaldini Goffredo Mameli, Nino Bixio and Pilade Bronzetti.